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When you’re in need of a California Hard Money Direct loan, you need to turn to the right lenders for the cash. A hard money loan is a great way to ensure you have the cash in need, for a major residential or commercial transaction. In many instances, a traditional bank loan, or going through other lender options, won’t afford you the line of cash you need to make major deals and business transactions. This is where a hard money lender is going to step in and help you finance the major purchase you are trying to make in a real estate transaction.

How California Hard Money Direct Will Help

When you choose to take out a hard money loan, we’re the leading lender to turn to for quick cash. Some of the ways in which we can help with a hard money loan include

  1. Financing for local, national, and for international deals you want to engage in
  2. Offer affordable financing terms, and lower interest rates than competitors
  3. Terms with up to 30 years for repayment are offered
  4. Options for both residential buyers as well as for commercial buyers in a real estate transaction deal
  5. No income verification requirements are in place, so you don’t have to show how much you earn to be approved

There’s also an option to track your loan online, 24/7, so you know where you stand in the process, when approval occurs, and when you’re going to have the funds available to engage in the real estate transaction deal you want to engage in. Anyone is accepted as an applicant, even the borrower who has a shady credit history, or has had repayment issues with other lenders or institutions in the past.

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With California Hard Money Direct, you’ll receive a timely response and higher approval limits than other hard money lenders are going to offer you as a borrower. When you need to make a big transaction or are considering a major real estate investment, it can be tough to find a lender that is willing to extend that much of a lifeline in terms of high lending limits to you as a borrower. This is where a hard money lender can help.

Contact us to learn about hard money lending, our loan options, and the quick process that any borrower will go through when applying for a loan with us online today.…

Legally Fighting Against The Employer If Expectations Are Not Met

Life is not same in all situations and hence we may face many issues in our  home and job place. It is very common to see an employee in the work place facing mishaps viz injury unfortunately. ”This is quite common in the work site and it is also genuine for the employer to take care of the injured employee immediately by many ways”says,deena kalai from martindale attorney. It is the prime duty of the employer to address the injury of the employee without any hesitation. If you are an employee it is must to know how to deal with employers treatment refusal when injured at work. Many cases of employer’s treatment refusal are there in this world. It is paramount for the employees to know how to handle these kinds of employers.

If the injury is related to work place then you should take the issue to a lawyer with proper evidences related to work place injury in details. According to nelson litterst from Gek Law, the employer would face severe legal consequences if the case is genuine and proved. The employer might face penalties and criminal prosecution. The employee has all the rights to claim compensation in case of injury at the work place from the employer. The employee can sue the employer in case of treatment refusal. In general, all the employers have the prime responsibilities on work law when dealing with their employees. This is transparent and has to be understood by the employee well. If you are an employee first understand the labor laws well and it would help you at the time of difficult times. First of all you should understand that employers should abide by the work laws without any deviation. The employers have to take care of their employees at the work place in a full swing. Any negligence on treatment of employees’ side would invite serious troubles to the employee.

Dealing with employees in the case of injury does need basic understanding. The basic understanding and law can be known from the legal professionals who deal with the labor law effectively. Workers’ compensation claim is the base for all affected employees at the work place. Collect abundant evident and produce them at the court for your justice with the help of an exemplary lawyer. A worker compensation attorney would guide you perfectly in case of treatment refusal of an employer. You have to be cooperative and perfect in all aspects for benefits. Proper legal support is always mandatory for the employee like you in case of injury issue.…

How Long Does It Take To Get Social Security Disability Benefits After You Apply

If you want to know if you qualify for Social Security disability benefits, you must first understand that there are some prerequisites for eligibility. To qualify, you must have at least worked in jobs that is covered by Social Security. Secondly, you must have a medical condition that comes under Social Security’s true definition of disability. Generally, people who have been unable to work for a year or more get benefits until they are fit to come join work again on a regular basis.

Who is eligible for social security disability benefits?

There are five factors that is taken into consideration to judge a person’s criteria for qualification for Social Security. The five factors are as follows:

1. Employment status: If the person is working in the current year and earnings average goes above $ 1130 per month then they cannot be considered as disabled. If the person is not working, their application is sent to Disability Determination Services office to judge about the person’s mental condition.

2. Severity of the condition: if the person’s condition interferes with basic work-related activities, then he/she may claim to be considered as disabled. Otherwise, there will be considered as nondisabled.

3. The type of disabling condition: The Social Security maintains a list of medical conditions to determine if a person is disabled or not. If the applicant’s condition is not on the list, then it means that their disability is not severe enough to be considered as a disability.

4. Conditions for working: Jeff Indi from Hinden Law states that if the condition of the person is severe but not at the same level as the medical conditions mentioned in the list, then the Social Security determines if the applicant would be suitable for the work they previously did without any interference. If it does not, the claim is denied.

5. Other work qualification: the administration checks for any other type of work that the applicant may be able to do if they are not able to do the work they did in the past. The applicant’s medical condition, age, education, transferable skills, and past work experience is considered. If the person cannot adjust to other work, then the claim for Social Security is approved. Otherwise, they are offered a new job and claim is denied.

Retirement benefits

Person is receiving Social Security disability benefits and reaches a full retirement age, then their benefits automatically get converted to full retirement benefits. Even though the term is changed, amount remains the same as before.…

Prenuptial Agreements: Who Needs It and How Do I Make One?

Prenuptial has always had a negative connotation. This single word can easily wither romance. However, people have come to accept that nothing is permanent in this world, most particularly marriages which many ended in divorce. Having a prenuptial agreement is the smartest financial planning that couples should adopt, according to financial and legal experts.

Experts agree that marriage is an emotional, financial and physical union. A sample prenup can help couples create a healthy financial well-being in their marriage. It is like having a business arrangement or an insurance policy that aims to eliminate the emotion that is naturally involved in a marriage.

Who Needs a Prenuptial Agreement:

A prenuptial agreement acts as a contract between two individuals who are planning to get married. In a nutshell, the contract contains details of how the assets of both parties will be distributed or handled in the event of death, separation or divorce. Prenuptial agreements were in existence thousands of years ago in one form or another, especially in Far Eastern and European cultures where members of the royal families made provisions to protect their wealth.

In today’s modern society, a prenuptial is not an exclusivity of rich or wealthy people. “Even individuals who were able to save only $30,000 can adopt a prenup agreement” says Kathleen whit BLSAPC. In his book “Premarital Agreements: When, Why and How to Write Them,” author Joseph P. Zwack notes that people who have saved a little are more keen to have a prenuptial agreement than those who have millions because they know that they have worked hard to earn that small amount.

You can check out a sample prenup before you get hitch if you own assets such as stocks, retirement funds or a home, own a business, received an inheritance, have children or grandchildren from your previous marriage, you are more wealthy than your partner, you are supporting your partner through college, will pursue or pursuing a license or degree in a lucrative profession, you need to take care of loved ones such as your parents or expecting a huge sum of money.

Why You Need a Prenup:

If you love a person, money seems to be the last thing to enter into your conversation, much more consider the issue before tying the knot. It has been proven time and again that couples who are in love looked at the world in colored glasses. However, you need to get your head straight and prepare for the possibility that love loses its novelty and money can bring both heartache and trouble in the long run.

A prenuptial agreement can reduce the emotional and financial impact of a divorce. If you have no prenuptial …

What To Do If Your Employer Refuses To Give You Worker Compensation

In many states, employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance that covers employees who sustain injuries in their workplace. However, specifics of the process of workers’ compensation claims vary by state. Generally, injured employees must notify their workers’ compensation carriers and employers. Regardless of your state laws, you are entitled to get medical attention first. So, if you get injured while working, you are entitled to your lost wages and medical costs. Here are useful tips on the worker’s compensation claim process that can help you get started.

1. Notifying/Reporting the Injury or Illness to the Employer Immediately

According to the workers’ compensation laws, if you get injured on the job you are required to report to your employer immediately. Additionally, if the illness or injury is beyond first aid, your employer must give a report about it within 7 days. The First Report of Injury is issued to the insurance carrier who in turn reports in the injury or illness to the local Labor Commission electronically. You are then given your copy of the report. This immediate notification will allow you to promptly start receiving the necessary medical care so that you can return to your work as soon as possible.

2. Independent Medical Examinations (IME)

After you’ve successfully reported a work-related illness or injury, the insurer has the right to refer the injured worker to a doctor of its choice, according to Kenton Kozszdin from Kentons Law Office. Usually, this exam is commonly known as IME, but it’s dependent. The workers’ compensation insurer carefully chooses a doctor that it can trust to deliver a detailed medical report. During this exam, you will be required to explain about your physical history and how you got injured. The doctor may also ask you some other question before examining you. The insurer may terminate your benefits if you don’t comply accordingly with the doctor’s requests.

3. Compensable Claim

If the doctor determines that you will lose work time and your claim is compensable, the workers’ compensation insurer is required to contact you and your employer to determine the weekly pay rate that you will receive for the days that you will be off work. The insurance carrier should pay all medical bills and you will not pay anything for the medical treatment received.

4. Denial of the Claim

If the workers’ compensation insurer denies that your claim is compensable, the insurer will send a denial letter to you and the Labor Commission of the state.

5. Hearing Application

If your claim is rejected, you can apply for a claim hearing at your local Labor Commission so that an administrative law judge can determine whether your claim is compensable or not. …

How Much You Actually Save When You Write Something Off on Your Taxes

With regard to tax deduction strategies, we typically look for The Magic Pill. It is really tempting to wonder if there’s a secret list of unused tax deductions which the government is actually hiding from an average business owner.

Sorry to disappoint, but there is no any list. The tax code is available to anybody who can read. If our tax rules are as well-known is another matter. However. for the most part, it is really possible for somebody with a high school education to obtain a basic grasp of what these deductions are really there for the writing off.

What many people are asking as they inquire regarding “overlooked” tax deductions is: “What deductions haven’t I heard about?” People are becoming busy. And business owners are attempting to run a business that is normally a more than an occupation that’s full-time. Who has the time to wade through hundreds of pages of tax jargon in order to learn what you don’t have time to learn?

Having this in mind, listed here are just two tax deductions mentioned by Jim Whinehurst from My Lawsuit Loans which you might have missed in the past years, not that you can’t read or just understand what you really read, however because you have been busy living your life and operating your business.

1. Form a corporation.

For those that are partnerships, you should definitely provide this important consideration. This is really what tax professionals call “Choice of Entity”. There are chances that you’re never made any choice of entity. You only started your business and also if you’re performing it by yourself, you’re really a sole proprietor and also if you’re carrying it out with a partner, you are a partnership. Any of these entities can be the ideal one for your specific case, but there is a great chance that you’re overpaying the taxes by just adhering to this default entity.

2. You should deduct all your expenses for medication.

There are a many ways to do this, even though your business is a partnership or sole proprietorship. Do yourself a favor to check out the Health Savings Account, the Medical Reimbursement Plan, and the deduction of health insurance premium. Many small business owners are clueless regarding these amazing tax strategies. Only one of them can save you a bundle. Using two or all three of them can put hundreds and even thousands in your pocket.

There are many potential tax deductions. However because not all deductions are made equal, these two aspects can give a significant return on your invested time to check them out.…