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How To Deal With Racial Discrimination In The Workplace

The Employee Rights Attorney Group holds employers accountable for discriminatory practices and illegal practices taken in the workplace. More often than not, employees aren’t aware of their legal rights. And, even if they feel they are being infringed upon, they’ll keep their mouth closed, in fear of losing their job, or other forms of retaliation from their employer. This is not how it should work. If you are an employee in an adverse work environment, you might want to consider hiring licensed professionals to represent you, and help ensure your rights are preserved in the workplace.

Know California Law – 

Every state has different laws, and the Employee Rights Attorney Group focuses on employee rights and laws in the state of California. Regardless of whether your employer doesn’t have the right accommodations in place, or if the work conditions are less than ideal, you might not know how to go about reporting such issues. Or, if the workplace is a hostile environment, you do have rights and can complain to ensure you are treated fairly. The right attorneys will not only let you know what your rights are, but help you work towards achieving them in the workplace as well. 

Different Workplace Issues – 

No two cases are alike. Some of the cases that the Employee Rights Attorney Group can help you with as a client include

– Whistleblower allegation cases (if you file a wrongdoing by your employer)

– Retaliation after a claim/filing by your employer

– Discriminatory practices

– Illegal pay practices (men and women, who work in the same role and are being discriminated against due to gender)

These are a few of the many types of employment law and relation cases you might require legal assistance with. You want to have a trained, licensed attorney by your side to help you with them. 

No matter what the workplace issue might be, you have rights, you can report them, and you should understand what your rights are. If you aren’t sure, the first step you should take is to contact a lawyer who can point you in the right direction. You want to know your rights are preserved and that your being compensated fairly. If you feel you aren’t, or if you feel other illegal practices are taking place where you work, you have to report them, and having an attorney by your side will make that process much easier for you as an employee.