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Need Hard, Fast Loans in Real Estate Transactions? Trust Us

When you’re in need of a California Hard Money Direct loan, you need to turn to the right lenders for the cash. A hard money loan is a great way to ensure you have the cash in need, for a major residential or commercial transaction. In many instances, a traditional bank loan, or going through other lender options, won’t afford you the line of cash you need to make major deals and business transactions. This is where a hard money lender is going to step in and help you finance the major purchase you are trying to make in a real estate transaction.

How California Hard Money Direct Will Help

When you choose to take out a hard money loan, we’re the leading lender to turn to for quick cash. Some of the ways in which we can help with a hard money loan include

  1. Financing for local, national, and for international deals you want to engage in
  2. Offer affordable financing terms, and lower interest rates than competitors
  3. Terms with up to 30 years for repayment are offered
  4. Options for both residential buyers as well as for commercial buyers in a real estate transaction deal
  5. No income verification requirements are in place, so you don’t have to show how much you earn to be approved

There’s also an option to track your loan online, 24/7, so you know where you stand in the process, when approval occurs, and when you’re going to have the funds available to engage in the real estate transaction deal you want to engage in. Anyone is accepted as an applicant, even the borrower who has a shady credit history, or has had repayment issues with other lenders or institutions in the past.

Apply Now for Quick Replies

With California Hard Money Direct, you’ll receive a timely response and higher approval limits than other hard money lenders are going to offer you as a borrower. When you need to make a big transaction or are considering a major real estate investment, it can be tough to find a lender that is willing to extend that much of a lifeline in terms of high lending limits to you as a borrower. This is where a hard money lender can help.

Contact us to learn about hard money lending, our loan options, and the quick process that any borrower will go through when applying for a loan with us online today.