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First Steps To Take If You Are Being Discriminated Against

The IRS is threatening to garnish your wages, have you testify in court, or otherwise provide information about your tax filing that you don’t have. If the IRS is threatening you, it might be time to consider hiring a tax resolution attorney oc. Apart from their obvious expertise in tax law and knowledge in dealing with the IRS, the right attorney can provide you assistance in numerous ways. Is it time to hire an attorney? Consider some of these reasons to do so. 

1. Avoid Testifying in front of the Tax Court – 

With the top tax resolution attorney oc representing you, you won’t have to represent yourself in court. This means you won’t perjure yourself, and possibly say something that could get you into more trouble. When you hire an attorney, the attorney-client privilege exemption automatically kicks in. If you are called by the IRS or are sent a summons for court, your attorney will speak on your behalf. 

2. They Know the Law – 

Your tax resolution attorney oc knows the tax laws, codes, and complex exemptions. They are aware of the latest changes to the IRC (internal revenue code). They understand how tax court works, how wage garnishments work, and how other tax-related matters play out with the IRS. Your attorney will advise you of your rights, and help you avoid major penalties, fines, and possibly criminal infractions, depending on how severe your tax case is.

3. Negotiation – 

Attorneys are experts in negotiating. And, since they understand the laws and codes, they know how to negotiate on your behalf. If you owe an absurd amount of money to the IRS, your attorney will work on your behalf to reduce that amount, set up payment plans, and in some cases, possibly absolve the debt, depending on how old it is. If your income is significantly lower than it used to be, your attorney will know what evidence to present, in order to help further negotiate down the amount owed. 

Sure, you can fight the IRS yourself, but you’re probably going to lose. And, even if you don’t, you’re going to end up paying much more than you otherwise would, if you had hired a tax resolution attorney oc to represent you. If you’re not sure how to handle threatening IRS calls or how to pay off your tax debt, consider hiring an attorney to work on your behalf, and deal with the IRS for you.