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How Long Does It Take To Get Social Security Disability Benefits After You Apply

If you want to know if you qualify for Social Security disability benefits, you must first understand that there are some prerequisites for eligibility. To qualify, you must have at least worked in jobs that is covered by Social Security. Secondly, you must have a medical condition that comes under Social Security’s true definition of disability. Generally, people who have been unable to work for a year or more get benefits until they are fit to come join work again on a regular basis.

Who is eligible for social security disability benefits?

There are five factors that is taken into consideration to judge a person’s criteria for qualification for Social Security. The five factors are as follows:

1. Employment status: If the person is working in the current year and earnings average goes above $ 1130 per month then they cannot be considered as disabled. If the person is not working, their application is sent to Disability Determination Services office to judge about the person’s mental condition.

2. Severity of the condition: if the person’s condition interferes with basic work-related activities, then he/she may claim to be considered as disabled. Otherwise, there will be considered as nondisabled.

3. The type of disabling condition: The Social Security maintains a list of medical conditions to determine if a person is disabled or not. If the applicant’s condition is not on the list, then it means that their disability is not severe enough to be considered as a disability.

4. Conditions for working: Jeff Indi from Hinden Law states that if the condition of the person is severe but not at the same level as the medical conditions mentioned in the list, then the Social Security determines if the applicant would be suitable for the work they previously did without any interference. If it does not, the claim is denied.

5. Other work qualification: the administration checks for any other type of work that the applicant may be able to do if they are not able to do the work they did in the past. The applicant’s medical condition, age, education, transferable skills, and past work experience is considered. If the person cannot adjust to other work, then the claim for Social Security is approved. Otherwise, they are offered a new job and claim is denied.

Retirement benefits

Person is receiving Social Security disability benefits and reaches a full retirement age, then their benefits automatically get converted to full retirement benefits. Even though the term is changed, amount remains the same as before.